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10 thoughts on “How-To Videos

  1. Thanks for the how-to videos man. It helps a ton! Keep up the great work, and keep being yourself. (thumbs up) -Matthew, Cleveland

  2. Hi Zack. Thanks for the informative fashion and tailoring blog. I just discovered you on YouTube and I’m now following your blog. I just learned how to sew and I am inspired by your skill and creativity. Please continue to post these great ideas & tips for followers like me who appreciate your expert fashion sense and skill.

    • To be honest with you, I have not experimented with taking in pant legs, but it’s the same process as tailoring a shirt. Turn the pants inside out, and then sew a new stitch in from the original one. If you do it, let me know how it goes!

  3. i’ve made them slimmer , i turn them inside out and get the pair of jeans you like how they fit and set them on top of the one your are going to make slim and trace, finally sew. I don’t think it looks good with jeans that have fades in them just the plain dark ones..

  4. The question I have is about wearing button up shirts untucked. I can never find shirts where the body length is short enough for me that the tail of the shirt doesn’t come down below my butt. I’d like to learn how to properly tailor the length of the body of these shirts to be able to wear them untucked if I wanted to.

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