How To Roll Up Your Sleeves

Rolled up sleeves is a good look. It’s like a grown-up’s t-shirt, but you shouldn’t roll your sleeves up every time you put on a shirt. There are times when it’s appropriate and times when it isn’t.

For me, there are a three reasons you might want to roll up your sleeves.
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How To Tailor A Shirt

Now that you know how your shirts should fit from Fit Is Everything – Part 1 (The Shirt), maybe there are some current pieces in your closet that you might want to make you fit better. This week I will teach you how to tailor shirts to fit your body better. With this method, you will be able to make the waist, chest, and arms slimmer.

This is going to be a long and in-depth article, detailing the process from start to finish. I apologize in advance if it’s a tad long. I will also provide a video how-to at the end of the article that may clear up some questions you may have.

First, find a shirt that is too big for you.


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Fit Is Everything – Part 1 (The Shirt)

The first thing you need to know when upping your fashion game is how clothes are supposed to fit. How well your clothes fit is the most important aspect for any piece of clothing. A $300 suit that’s tailored perfectly will always beat out a $2000 suit that hangs off your body like it’s draft night in the NBA…

Bad Fitting Suit on Draft Night

Let’s start with the basic dress shirt. Men’s shirt sizes come with two numbers. The first is the neck size, and the second is the sleeve length. Once you know these, buying shirts will become a lot easier.

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